Wet Evergreen Forest in India

Evergreen Forests are forests where trees have green leaves across all the four seasons of the year.

Wet evergreen forests in India are found in the Terai Region of Eastern Himalayas, Western slopes of Western Ghats and in the island of Andaman and Nicober etc.

The west evergreen forests thrive well in areas with over 200 cm of rainfall and the average annual temperature ranging from 25°C to 27°C and relatively short dry season. This leads to vigorous growth of trees reaching a height of even 60 meters and above.

The trees in these evergreen forests are very dense. The undergrowth is formed mainly of bamboo, canes, ferns and climbers etc. They contain numerous species of high commercial value, because of the timber being hard, durable and fine grained.

The main trees are

rose wood tree,
poon tree,
anini tree,
telsur tree,
champa tree,
garjan tree,
toon tree,
chaplas tree,
boga tree,
Poma tree ,
Sissoo tree,
iron wood tree,
mango tree etc.

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