Vivek Oberoi in an Inspiring Marathi Web Series

Vivek Oberoi is one actor who has always been socially aware. Every now & then Vivek has donated for many important social causes. Whether it’s floods or any natural disaster Vivek Oberoi has stood as an example for the film industry regarding helping the needful. Vivek has now initiated an affordable housing project, ‘Karma Infrastructure’ in remote areas of Maharashtra. While researching, he met many inspiring people from that region.
These inspiring stories shook Vivek’s heart. And now, he has decided to show those stories through a Marathi web series.
According to sources, the Web series will cover nine different true stories in nine different episodes. All these stories belong to the common man of that region. These stories will portray their struggle for achieving their dreams. These stories can definitely prove to be inspiring to all the audiences.
We congratulate Vivek Oberoi for this noble work of his & an urge to inspire us through the lives of people who have struggled & have eventually proved to be winners in their lives.

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