Vaadhdivsachya Haardik Shubhechcha (2015)

  • Movie : Vaadhdivsachya Haardik Shubhechcha (2014)
  • Produced by : Raju Chadha, Lekhraj Siraswar, Samir Aftab, Deepak Naidu
  • Directed by :  Deepak Naidu
  • Studio : Wave Cinemas Ponty Chadha,  Celluloid Logic Pictures
  • Star Cast : Ankush Chaudhari, Madhu Sharma,Kaivalya Latkar, Sanjay Khapre, Pushkar Shrotri, Sushant Shelar,Hemangi Kavi, Jaywant Wadkar,Rajesh Bhosle, Shashikant Kerkar,
  • Music by : Moksh Band, Nakash Aziz
  • Lyrics : Mandar Cholkar, Chandrashekhar Sanekar
  • Screenplay by :  Shirish Latkar
  • Story by : Deepak Naidu
  • Cinematography : Arvind Singh
  • Action : Harish Shetty
  • Release date : August 15, 2014

Story Outline : A Birthday calls for celebration and of course receiving gifts. Most gifts score high on emotions, some gifts are valuable and a few are priceless. However the protagonist, Subodh Kudmude, strikes a fortune on one of his birthdays and becomes a millionaire overnight. The man is very happy and he starts believing that this is an end to his financial struggle and the life ahead is all smooth; however we all are aware that every fortune comes with the clause, ‘Condition Applied’. Subodh Kudmude soon realizes that the fortune comes as a package; in addition to five crores, he receives a few freebies that include a troublesome inspector, an annoying NGO agent, a South Indian Don and a dead body that claims to be Mr. Subodh Kudmude.
Suddenly the one that seemed to be his best birthday ever is turning to be a nightmare; however we still wish him, “Vaadhdivsachya Haardik Shubhechcha”.


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