Tribal Languages in India


The Tribal People of India speak languages which are different not only from those of non-tribal India but also from one another.

The tribal languages may be classified into three main groups,

  • The Dravidian Language,
  • Austric Language, and
  • Sino-Tibetan Language.

The tribal languages of the Dravidian group include the following:

  • Gond people speaks Gondi Language,
  • Kui is spoken by the Kondh Tribe,
  • Kurukh language is spoken by the Oraon Tribe,
  • Malto language is spoken by the Mal­ Paharia Tribes,
  • and others.

Under tribal languages of the Austric group are included Santali, Mundari, Ho, Kharia, Bhumij, Korku, Savara, Gadaba, Khasi and Nicobarese.

Tribal languages of the Sino-Tibetan group may be sub-divided into two branches—Tibeto-Burman and Siamese-Chinese. But the majority of the languages belong to the Tibeto-Burman branch which includes Murmi, Magari, Lepcha, Bodo, Abor, Miri, Dafla, Mikir, Naga, Lushai, etc. Khamti comes under the Siamese-Chinese branch.

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