Top 3 Reasons to Get Married

The probable reasons behind the origin of such a universal social institution are varied of which the following three are to be considered with special attention.
1. Marriage is a mean for regular and channelized sex satisfaction. The sexual urge of individuals gets the safest outlet through the institution of marriage.
2. The desire for children i.e. procreation, is also a vital cause for its origin. In the on-going society marriage is a vital institution for the supply of new members. It maintains the continuity of generations.
3. The co-operation between husband and wife in their married life is necessary for the smooth functioning of the association they form through their nuptial bondage.
Moreover, marriage places a child in a suitable position in the society. From this angle, father is indispensable for the full status of a child and its mother. Society welcomes legitimate child. Malinowski calls marriage as “the licensing of paren­thood”.

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