Tejaswini Pandit Biography

  • Name : Tejaswini Pandit.
  • Date of Birth : 23rd May 1986.
  • Husband/ Spouse : Bhushan Bhopche.
  • Hometown : Pune.

Tejaswini Pandit is a 30 years old talented Marathi actress. She is currently acting in popular serial 100 Days as Rani Sardesai which airs on Zee Marathi. In this serial she is casted with handsome actor Adinath Kothare. She started her career with a negative character in Kedar Shinde’s film Aga Bai Arechchya. She has done film with her mother Jyoti Chandekar – Sindhutai Sapkal. Here they shared the same character. In this film Tejaswini played the role of younger Sindhutai Sapkal and her mother played the role of older Sindhutai Sapkal. To name, her few films are Tu Hi Re, Candle March, Mukti, 7 Roshan Villa, Ranbhool, Gair and many more. She has done Marathi serials like Lajja, Ekach Hya Janmi Janu, Kaalay Tasmay Namah, Tuza Ni Maza Ghar Shrimantacha, Gaane Tumche Aamche as host. She has done plays like Ye re Ye Re Paisa and Rakheli. She has also received and nominated for plenty of awards during her overall acting career.


Tejaswini Pandit is from Pune. She is married to Bhushan Bhopche who is an Engineer. She is the daughter of Ranjit Pandit and Jyoti Chandekar.

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