Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project is one of the Project Tiger initiative of India. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the National park is set up in the year 1955 in Chandrapur district and is spread over an area of 116.55 sq. km. The nearest town is Chandrapur which is 45 km from the park. It also serves as rail-head. The nearest airport for the park is Sonegaon, Nagpur at a distance of 208 km from the park. There are regular bus services to the park from Nagpur and Chandrapur.

The park falls in the tropical region and is covered with tropical and deciduous forest featuring teak in association with other mixed species. At the centre of the park is Tadoba Lake around which there is dense vegetation with diverse species of plants and trees presenting, a very living and vibrant eco-system.

The fauna consists of tiger, leopard, panther, leopard cat, sloth bear, pangolin, Bengal monitor lizard etc. the park is rich in bird life particularly around the lake. Some of the birds found are bulbuls, robins, drongos, pigeons, patridges, pintails and ducks.

A motorable road goes round the Tadoba Lake. The park has few rest houses. The best months for visiting the park are from November to June.

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