Sulekha Talwalkar Biography

  • Name : Sulekha Ambar Talwalkar.
  • Date of birth : 8th October 1971.
  • Husband/ Spouse : Ambar Talwalkar.
  • City : Mumbai.


Sulekha Talwalkar is a well known beautiful and talented actress of M town. She is one of the versatile actresses amongst all. She started her acting career in 1995 with the film Aai. Then she started ruling the M town with her talent. She has done many films, serials and plays so far. Some of her films include Family Katta, Dusri Goshta, Shyamche Vadil, Prime Time, Kadachit, Tujhya Majhyat, Tinhi Sanja, Sanshay Kallol, Premachi Goshta and many more to name. She has even spread her magic over small screen with various characters in serials like, Shejari Shejari Pakke Shejari, Comedychi Bullet Train, Saraswati, Avantika, Agnihotra, Asambhav, Ase He Kanyadan, Bolachi Kadhi Bolachach Bhaat, Jaawai Shodh, Shrawan Sari, etc. Her recent play 9 Koti 57 Lakh is a super hit amongst audience. Not only this but she is a brilliant theatre actress too. Apart from acting she also teaches students in Asmita Chitra Academy. This academy was started by Late actress Smita Talwalkar who was also mother- in- law of Sulekha Talwalkar.


Sulekha Talwalkar is born and brought up in Mumbai. She attended King George School at dadar. Later she attended Ruia College in Matunga for further studies. She is married to Ambar Talwalkar and has 3 children. They have one son and two daughters. Her mother- in- law Late Smita Talwalkar was one of the finest actresses of M town. She was the true gem of acting. We can proudly say that Sulekha Talwalkar is none the less than her.

Chatrapati Shasan (2018) – Marathi Movie

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