Shortcut (2015) | Marathi Movie

  • Movie :  Shortcut – Disato Pan Nasato (2015)
  • Producer : Mukesh Chaudhary & B R Dedhia
  • Directer : Harish Raut
  • Studio : M.K. Motion Pictures & Chitrakar Nirmit
  • Star Cast : Rajesh Shringarpure, Vaibbhav Tatwawdi,Sanskruti Balgude, Naresh Bidkar
  • Story : Harish Raut
  • Screenplay : Harish Raut ,Vinay Narayane,Rajesh Balapure
  • Music : Nilesh Moharir, Premanand, Sushant-Shankar, Puneet Dixit, Nickk
  • Lyrics : Abhishek Pradeep Khankar
  • Dialogues : Vinay Narayane
  • Cinematography : Shakil Khan
  • Choreographer : Jeet Singh and Phulwa Khamkar
  • Editor : Vinod Pathak
  • Associate Producer : Nailesh Gada
  • Genre  : Romantic Thriller
  • Release Date : 7th August, 2015

Synopsis: “Shortcut…” “Disato Pan Nasato” is a story of Rohit Pradhan (VAIBBHAV TATWAWDI), a 20 year old introvert guy from a middle class family. With lack of any interesting hobbies and spoken skills, suppressed thoughts, social fear he never managed to create his identity among his friends since his childhood. He has never felt his existence in the society. On the flipside, he is genius of computer algorithms and hacking. He is desperately in search for a unique identity and dreams of becoming noticeable to all.
Enters Ishika ( Sanskruti Balgude), a charming,beautiful, intelligent, bit akadu girl with a lovely smile. And it’s a love at first sight for Rohit.
Rohit uses his amazing hacking skills to impress Ishika, and their combination works. We see Rohit taking up hacking as a part time business; he does for the good of society. He thus, starts to carve his own identity. He excels in every code he inputs and goes on to hack a leading radio channel’s system that makes him win an all new Audi. With this new found confidence, Rohit proposes to Ishika and things look positive for him. But the happiness gets cut short, when ACP, Rajesh Nibalkar, books him under the charges of being the most wanted cyber criminal, with his IP address as evidence against him. Will he be able to prove his innocence and come out through this situation? Decode Shortcut with Rohit and Ishika lovely thrilling journey, in cinemas from 7th August,2015.


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