Short paragraph on Importance of Secularism in India


Indian constitution does not support any religion and persons belonging to all religions get equal opportunity in performing their religious rites.

From ancient times Indian rulers usually practiced this policy. Sher Shah Suri  and Akbar were two great rulers of the medieval period who showed tolerance to all religions. The British rulers also allowed religious freedom. In 1947 India was divided on the basis of two nation theories. But even then Indian leaders strongly supported the ideal of secularism.


The concept of Secularism plays an important role in India. Secularism in India is a positive, revolutionary and comprehensive concept which takes within its sweep all the communities in India following several religions. It is not negative in nature, it is not anti-God. Indian secularism recognizes the importance of religion in human life. It believes that no religion has the monopoly of philosophical wisdom it allows all religious to discharge their function within their legitimate bonds. If citizens want to worship their God, Indian secularism recognizes the need and right for such prayer and worship. It does not prescribe the practice of any particular religion. Complete freedom of religion is assured in our constitution.

The Indian Constitution guarantees equality of all religions before law. In that respect our constitution is strictly founded on secular concept. Our constitution guarantees fundamental rights of religious freedom. The concept of secularism has a firm root in India. The whole world recognizes this fact.

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