Short note on Reasons of Power Crisis in India


The causes and reasons responsible for the present power crisis in India are as follows:

  1. Demand is more than supply and this is the main cause of present power crisis. During the five year plans stress was given on the development of industries. But to cope with the industrial development, equal stress was not given on the development of power.
  2. Most of the power stations of India are of thermal origin. Frequent breakdown of machineries hampering the production of power.
  3. Raw materials for thermal power sometimes do not reach the stations in proper time.
  4. Low grade raw materials hampering production.
  5. Lack of proper transmission facility is also responsible for this.
  6. Internal sabotage hampering production.
  7. Frequent strikes and labor troubles are hampering power production.
  8. Power theft is another cause of power crisis.
  9. Water resource of this country is not fully utilized.
  10. Frequent theft of pillars etc. disrupts production.
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