‘Sadrakhshanay Khalnigranay’- Police LINE’s music launched


Recently the ‘Police LINE’ Marathi movie’s music has been launched in the presence of Singer Anup Jalota and entire team of movie. After the music launch, trailer of this movie was presented. ‘Sadrakhshanay Khalnigranay’ and ‘Aakkha Shinema Pahun Ghe’ these two song’s lyrics penned by Kautuk Shirodkar & Nitin Tendulkar, music given by Pravin Kunwar, Abhishek Shinde, songs sung by Adarsh Shinde, Bharti Madhavi & Pravin Kunwar and background music given by Pravin Kunwar and Onkar Tikle. ‘Aakkha Shinema Pahun Ghe’ song is picturized on Actress Mansi Naik and choreography done by Santosh Palvankar.
Police LINE Marathi movie based on life of Policemen. Policeman is always ready to protect society. A policeman is also a person with basic needs. In today’s situation policemen are taken by granted from society. Common people always point to the policemen with blames and government don’t make a time to take a look at their basic needs and problems. 24 hours of work caused physical health problems. This film shows problems faced by police and their life.
Saishree Creations presents, Jijau Creations, Rupali Dipak Pawar and Vaishali Nitin Pawar produced ‘Police LINE’ directed by Raju Parsekar. Movie’s story is written by Dipak Pawar and screenplay and dialogue done by Amar Parkhe, Sandesh Lokhegaonkar and Raju Parsekar.
This movie starring Santosh Juvekar, Jayant Savarkar, Satish Pulekar, Pradeep Patwardhan, Nisha Parulekar, Pramod Pawar,Vijay Kadam, Sayali Sanjiv, Jaywant Wadkar, Mansi Naik, Purnima Ahire- Kend, Nutan Jayant, Pranav Ravrane, Satish Salagare, Jaywant Patekar, Swapnil Rajshekhar, Sharmila Baviskar, Manoj Takne, Balkrushna Shinde, Atul Sanas, Riyaaz Mulani, Sandesh Lokegaonkar, Sheetal Kalapure, Ashwini Surpur, Leena Palekar, Aarti Kulkarni, Dinesh More, Umesh Bolke, Parth Ghorpade, Yuvraj More and Pradeep Kabare. Police LINE movie will take place in theatre on 29th January, 2016.

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