Rinku More Popular than on Google Akash

akasht hosar
Rinku More Popular than on Google Akash
Akash Thosar is more searched than Rinku Rajguru on Google, the biggest search engine on internet. Due to their popularity they have got a dedicated wikipedia page as well.
Rinku Rajguru won the Special Mention National Award for her portrayal of Archi in Sairat and is the real hero of the movie. Archi drives bulllet and tractor with ease and protects her love. So you might think that Rinku is popular than Akash, but you are wrong.
Rinku Rajguru andAkash Thosar have also become too popular among masses, especially the younger generation. The youth is seen following them on social media and google. The dialogues from the movie are on the lips of young boys and girls.

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