Raqesh Bapat pays a tribute to India in a creative way

Raqesh Bapat is a person with many hidden talents. The handsome actor who stole many hearts with his Marathi debut Vrundavan is known for his boyish charms and captivating smile. He has recently shared his video of playing Jan Gan Mana on the flute as a tribute to the nation on the occasion of Independence Day.

What is more surprising is that Raqesh has learnt to play the flute by himself. “As a kid, I loved to play all the instruments but flute was my favorite. I also learnt to play sitar, an Indian classical instrument from my guru Mrs. Swadi. But still, I love playing various tunes on my flute. I love playing our National anthem. It has got such an inspiration lyrics and soothing music. The history of our anthem is also very interesting. As I was playing it on the flute, my wife Riddhi decided to record it on the phone. After this recording, we shot some scenes at my building terrace and edited at home.”

Though, the video is home-made but its black and white scenario along with beautiful backdrops of Mumbai monsoon clouds has made it truly spectacular.

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