Petrol Prices Down by 20 Paise and Diesel by 7 Paise

Today is the 13th consecutive day when decline in the fuel prices are witnessed


The prices of Petrol and Diesel in the country are on the verge of sliding down. Today is the 13th consecutive day when decline in the fuel prices are witnessed. Petrol has shrinked by 20 paise today and that diesel by 7 paise. The current prices of Petrol and Diesel today in the capital city are Rs. 79.55 and Rs. 73.78 per litre.

However, The fall in fuel prices over the last two weeks has provided the much-needed relief to consumers from the relentless rate hikes in recent months. In the last two weeks, petrol has become cheaper by over Rs. 2 per litre in Delhi while diesel has become cheaper by over Rs. 1.50.


The use of crude oil is supposed to be the maximum in India, amongst all other nations. According to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, India imports 84% of the petroleum products consumed in the country. This is one of the significant reason behind the global prices affecting the domestic fuel prices.

As compared to any other country, India has huge cost allotted for the crude oil. Petroleum products are used as raw material in various sectors and industries such as transport and petrochemicals. Further, any fluctuation in the price of these fuels impact the production and transport cost of various items.

The lessening of the fuel prices have gradually aided the consumers to save more as the expenditure overall reduced. However, petrol and diesel prices in Mumbai are Rs 85.04 per litre after a decrease of 20 paise, Rs 77.32 per litre after a dip of Rs 0.08 respectively.


Following are the fuel prices per litre in major Indian cities after the price shrink in the capital city :

CityPetrol price (In Rs.)Diesel price (In Rs.)


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