Nokrek Biosphere Reserve in Meghalaya


Nokrek Biosphere Reserve (Nokrek National Park) in Meghalaya is  situated in the district of West Garo Hills in Meghalaya.

Area: The Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is spread over an area of 48 sq. km.

Connectivity: Williamnagar is the nearest town from the park. Williamnagar is about 60 km away from the park. The nearest railway station and airport is at Guwahati. The distance is about 200 km from the park.  is about 200 km from the park.

Forests: Dense, thick and semi evergreen and moist deciduous forest covers the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve. The entire territory of the Nokrek Biosphere Reserve is hilly.

Wild animals and Birds: A large variety of Wild animals and birds. The Red Panda of this park is world famous. are found here. The other wild animals found are tiger, elephant, bear, leopard, leopard cat, wild buffalo, fishing cat, serow, langur, etc.

Reptiles found are python, lizards and other snakes.

A large variety of birds such as peafowls, hornbills, chakors, and pheasants are found.

Best Season: The period between October and May is the best period for visiting the Nokrek National Park. There is no rest houses available inside the park.

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