Methods of Soil Conservation in India

Several Methods of Soil conservation have been adopted in India. More than 40 million hectares of land in India have been reclaimed from water erosion, wind erosion and gully erosion. Raindrop erosion has been checked by creating grassland cover.

  • By afforestation soil erosion may be checked as the trees keep the soil tight with their roots. Unplanned cutting of trees has been checked.
  • Special attention has been given on the reservation of specific places used for grazing cattle’s.
  • Scientific methods of cultivation have been implemented in a number of areas to check soil erosion by unscientific cultivation. Contour faring is also introduced.
  • To check soil erosion by Jhum cultivation, a programme of educating the tribal people has been taken by the govt. of India.
  • To check wind erosion planting of trees in the opposite direction of the wind has been taken into consideration. This is an important method of Soil Conservation planned in India.
  • With the help of planned development of roads and railway, injudicious removal of soil has been checked in India.
  • In the five-year plans millions of rupees have allotted for the conservation of soil in India. New strategy in agricultural development for soil conservation has been taken into consideration.
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