Koti (2016) – Marathi Movie

Koti Marathi Movie

  • Movie : Koti (2016) | कोटी
  • Producer : Dr. Santosh Sampatrav Pote and Dr. Sunita Pote
  • Directer : Suhas Bhosle
  • Studio : OMS Arts
  • Star Cast : Aadnyesh Mudshingakar, Divyesh Medge, Vinita Kale, Sandesh Jadhav and Sanjay Kulkarni
  • Story : Rajesh Durge
  • Screenplay : Rajesh Durge
  • Music : Baban Adagale and Manoj Negi
  • Lyrics : Sanjay Navgire
  • Singers : Bela Shende
  • Dialogues : Rajesh Durge
  • Director of Photography : R. Bharat Parthsarthi
  • Background Score : Baban Adagale and Manoj Negi
  • Sound Design : Abhijeet and Shriram Dev
  • Art Director : Devdas Bhandare
  • Editor : Sagar Vanjari
  • Choreography : Narendra Pandit
  • Make Up : Lalit Kulkarni
  • Creative Consultant : Dr. Suhas Sakhare
  • Costumes : Sushil Apandkar
  • Executive Producer : Shankar Dhuri
  • Co-Producer : Vijay Bhos, Sachin Lolage, Garud Madam and  Kul. It. Botling Plant
  • Production Manager : Nilesh Gujar
  • Chief Assistant Director : Vikas Sushri. Nirmale( Biurakar)
  • Release Date : Coming Soon

This is a story of family, caught in a dilemma of social burden love. Sham, elder son’s behavior is feminine. Father who is not able to face this social burden, decides to send away from family. But Babhrya who is younger son loves his brother so takes a stand to resist father and society and Sham caught in dilemma of gender identity and love and anger of father takes a step.. This is the tragic story of an innocent transgender of rural Indian society and its social manners.
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