Kota Tribes of Nilgiri Mountains


The Kota Tribal group (also Kotas, Kothar, Kov) are the indigenous inhabitants of the Nilgiri mountains situated on the western part of state of Tamil Nadu in India. They are the neighbors of the Todas and Kurumbas.

Kotas are an artisan tribe. They are herdsmen, blacksmiths, carpenters, and potters all rolled into one and have also the additional duty of acting as the professional musicians for the other tribesmen.


Their socio-religious culture and customs is unique. They have their own language that belongs to Dravidian family.

They give much importance to their brothers. A man with no brothers is regarded as a man with no strength of arm. Among the fraternal group, sexual jealously is said to be remarkably slight. This temperamental peculiarity has been the result of several cultural and social influences, particularly the need for constant and close co-operation between the brothers in most of their economic enterprises which has developed among them the concept of equivalence of brothers.

The modern Kotas are well educated and command good economic and social position.

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