Ketki Palav Biography

  • Name : Ketki Palav- Patwardhan. (Ketki Vilas).
  • Date of birth : 18th September 1989.
  • Husband/ Spouse : Gandhar Patwardhan.
  • City : Dombiwali.

Ketki Palav is a 27 years old glamorous Marathi actress. She entered the small screen after winning Ma. Ta. Shrawan Queen 2012. She was recently seen in Zee Yuva’s show Shrawanbaal Rockstar as Kamini. She has done serial Swami. She has performed in many dance shows on TV like Eka Peksha Ek, Dholkichya Taalawar, Jallosh Suvarnayugacha and Marathi Taaraka. She was also a part of film Pitruroon. She has performed in play Strawberry with Suyash Tilak and Suruchi Adarkar. Her another play is Kisse.


Ketki Palav stays in Dombiwali. She has done her schooling from Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir. Later she has attended Vaze College, Mumbai. She is married to Gandhar Patwardhan who is a senior consultant at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. Her birthday falls on 18thSeptember.

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