Isha Keskar aka Banu in Dhanakwadi for a Kojagiri event

Isha Keskar mostly known for her role as Banu in popular serial attended a Kojagiri event in Dhanakwadi arranged by Guru Dutt Mitra Mandal and Janta Raj.
“As I am a Punekar, I love Dhanakwadi, and I have decided to make this city as my home.” She said while speaking on the occasion. The event was also attended by actresses Poonam Kapse and Neeta Madhale. As a diwali gift, home appliances were distributed to under-privileged families by the trust.
The main attraction of this event was girls with costumes of Banu. The event was attended by dignitaries like Iqbal Shaikh, Shraddha Parande, Pramod Patil, Sagar Bodgire, Sandeep Bhatewara, Prashant Bogam, Jagdeesh Kumbhar, Prashant Girkar, Amit Kuchekar et al. The event was hosted by Vitthal Jadhav.

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