Importance of Elections


Introduction: Election is an important element of democracy. Democracy means ‘government of the people, for the people and by the people’ the device of election was invented to carry out democratic form of government.

Election gives us the power to choose our rulers. They are bound to act responsibly and work for the benefit of the nation.


Election provides an opportunity to express displeasure: At present, in almost all the countries of the world, the rulers are elected by the people. The elective system has this advantage that every sensible man gets in opportunity of expressing his likes and dislikes for a particular man. The man who secures the largest number of votes is elected.

Election is a medium of appointing people of choice: Now the system of election is used in almost all walks of life. From the post of the president of a country down to the post of a secretary of a debating society, elections are the important medium of appointing person for a responsible post.

Various forms of Election: Elections are held in various ways. People cast their votes in various manners. Sometimes the vote is exercised by show of hand. Sometimes votes are counted by dividing the people present at a particular place into two different camps and then by counting their heads. These methods are possible only in case of minor elections. Larger elections are held by the method of ‘secret voting’ or ‘voting by secret ballot’.


Preparation for Election: Proper preparation works before big elections is the most important task. First of all, the electoral rolls are prepared. After the publication of electoral rolls, people are given an opportunity to find out the mistakes or omissions in the electoral rolls. After the final publication of the electoral rolls, a day is fixed for election. It is held at a place known as the polling booth. A batch of officers in deputed to conduct it.

Disorderliness of Election: In political elections, there is always a good deal of heat and activity. Since elections lead to power, the candidates fight elections desperately. They freely resort to foul practices. They often indulge in mutual mud-slinging and in slandering one another.

Conclusion: We should understand the importance of the weapon of elections. Election is a weapon that has given people a hand in choosing their ruler. This right to vote is known as franchise. People should be very cautious about exercising their franchise.thy must exercise their vote in favor of the most suitable person.

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