Impacts of Global Warming


The Impact of global warming are given below:

(i) Global warming and Climate change:

Certain changes take place as a result of global warming, such as:


Impact on Temperature: If the concentration of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon-dioxide (CO2) rises continuously, a time will come when the concentration of CO2 will reach above 600 ppm by the year 2030, which in turn will increase average global temperature by 1.5 – 4.5°C.

Impact on Rainfall: Global warming would affect the rainfall pattern. In recent years, the pattern of rainfall has been significantly affected due to global warming.

Sea Level: The Level of sea water would rise by 20-14- cm in various parts of the world due to dissolving of glaciers by global warming. The sea levels have already risen by about 30 cm.

(ii) Global warming and human diseases:

According to a report of W.H.O, global warming could result the spread of the malaria and other tropical diseases.


(iii) Global warming and agriculture:

Impact of Global warming on agriculture, due to increase in concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere are the following.

1. Direct effect of CO2

CO2 concentration increases photosynthesis of plants.  The leaves will expand and ultimately a large canopy will be formed.

2.  Indirect effect

Increase in temperature affect the crop yield in different ways in different climatic conditions.

In tropical countries like India, the adverse effect of 1 – 2° raises in temperature is observed.

3. Cropping pattern

The global warming will bring about a spatial shift of crop potential. For the changed environmental conditions, the areas which at present are suitable to a given crop or, combination of crops, may no longer remains as such after a climatic shift.


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