Growth of Chemical Industries in Gujarat

Gujarat has witnessed growth in chemical industries because of availability of mineral oil and port facilities of Kandla through which raw materials can be imported easily.

Beside the above mentioned minerals, natural gas, limestone, dolomite, gypsum, steatite etc. are also available here in large quantity. These minerals are used as raw materials for chemical industries.

The state has a large number of industries which are using a large number of chemical products.

Cheap and experience labor force and manpower is engaged in these industries. As the state is densely populated, so there is not dearth of labor.

Transport and Communication of this state is well developed and a net work of Railways and Roadways are crisis crossing this state from every direction. Because of this facility, raw materials are brought to mills and factories easily.

Machineries mainly required for the chemical plants, can be imported through the port of Kandla and Bombay.

All the chemical products have a great demand all over India.

Gujarat and Sindhi businessman are vesting large sum of money for the development of chemical industry. A good number of chemical products a great demand in the textile industries of this state. Chief chemical industries are petro-chemicals, oil refinery, fertilizer, soda ash etc.

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