Facts about Marine National Park (Gulf of Kutch)


The first national marine national park in India is Marine National Park situated at the Gulf of Kutch in Jamnagar district of Gujarat State. Please find fast facts about the park.

Area: The Marine National Park covers an area of 163 km.


Establishment: The Park was set up in 1982.

Connectivity: The nearest town from the park is Jamnagar at a distance of 7 km. Jamnagar is also the airport and the railhead for visiting the park.

Geographic condition: This Park is in the tropical zone, the forests stand on marshy lands and swamps. Mangrove species are found in these forests. Semi-evergreen forests are found in parts of the park.


Fauna: The fauna of the park comprise dugong, olive ridley turtle, green sea turtle and monitor. The birds found are kite, spoonbill etc.

Guest Houses: The Park has two guest houses with a total of 60 beds.

Best Season: The best period for visiting the park is from November to January.

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