Difference between Bhabhar and Terai


The differences between Bhabhar and Terai have been discussed in brief below :

  1. Bhabar region lies along the foot of the Siwaliks from the Indus to the Tista. But Terai belt lies to the south of Bhabhar and run parallel to it.
  2. Bhabhar is 8 to 16 km wide. But Terai is 20 to 30 km wide.
  3. Bhabhar comprises of pebble-studded rocks in the shape of porous beds. But Terai is composed of comparatively finer alluvium and is covered by forest.
  4. Bhabhar is to porosity of the rocks; the streams disappear and flow underground. The underground streams of the Bhabar re-emerge on the surface and give birth to marshy area.
  5. Bhabhars’ region is not much suitable for agriculture. Most parts of the Terai area are reclaimed for agriculture.
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