Condition of Villages in India


Introduction: The majority of the Indian people live in villages. But, regrettably, the condition of the Indian villages is not good. The villager people are poor. Cultivation is the only source of their income. There don’t have good roads. There are few good doctor and hospitals. There is inadequate arrangement for the treatment of the sick. There are insufficient facilities for educating the masses. The bulk of the people in Indian villages are illiterate and ignorant. They indulge in non-economic activities and other wasteful habits. They quarrel over petty matters. They spend a large sum over litigation. They do not have adequate provision for amusements. They do not know the importance of cleanliness. There is dirt all over in the village dirt. Lack of cleanliness and dirt breeds germs of diseases. Hence, people fall an easy prey to diseases.

Improvement of Villages: If we want to improve our nation, we shall have to improve the condition of our villages. The root cause of all the troubles and poverty of the villagers is lack of education. For want of education they cannot think beyond their old ideas. They cannot walk with time. They waste much of their time. They cannot imagine of any different occupations. They fail to realize the value of self-help and co-operation.


Education: To deal with the problems of the villages in India, start night schools should be established there. In night schools grown-up men and women will have to be educated. They will be taught to read and write. The work of cleaning the villages also needs attention. There should be a library and a hospital in each village. The villagers can start a library and a hospital by raising subscriptions among themselves. Good roads are also essential for the give a lift to the village economy. There must be adequate arrangement of drinking water in every village around distant corners of India.

Agriculture to be Improved: The principal means of livelihood of the villagers in agriculture. We have to train them in improved methods of agriculture. Arrangements have to be made to train them in handicrafts and other small industries. This will keep them employed in spare time and in off-season. This will be a source of additional income for them.

Conclusion: Since the independence of the country the Government has been trying to improve the condition of the villages, many schemes have been started to help all sections of the people. The village development programs under Block Development Schemes and Community Projects are good steps in this direction.

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