Bandipur Tiger Reserve (National Park in Karnataka)



The Bandipur National park and Tiger Reserve was set up in 1974 in Mysore district. It covers an area of 874.2 sq. km.



The park falls in the tropical zone and occupies the rain shadows of the Western Ghat. The landscape is hilly traversed by rivers and gorges. The average elevation is 1500 meters from the mean sea level.

There are narrow valleys all over the park through which flow a number of rivers. Through the centre of the park flow the river Nugu and the river Kabini meanders through the northern and western borders of the park.


The park is covered with dense forests of teak, sandalwood, rosewood and groves of bamboo and is widely covered with thick grass. This kind of rich and varied eco-system is capable of harboring diverse wild animals and birds.

Tiger Reserve

Bandipur became one of the Tiger Reserves of the country. Hence tiger is one of the most important species of the park. In view of the special attention being paid to its preservation the number of tigers in the park is increasing.


Other animals and birds

The other animals found here are wild dogs, leopard, leopard cat, jungle cats, elephant, sloth bear, gaur, chital, flying sqirrel, four horned antelope, mouse deer, langur, lion tailed monkey etc. The reptiles found are crocodile, mugger and monitor lizard. The main species of the birds found are crane, spoonbill, hornbill, waterhen, jungle fowl, partridge, woodpecker, teel, coot, drongo, flycatcher, parakeet etc.


The nearest town is Gundlupet which is 20 km away. The nearest railway station is Nanjangud which is 55 km from the park. The Mysore airport is 80 km away.


Best Season

The best period for visiting the park is from September to April. Rest houses are available in the park. State Tourism Development Corporation has 4 cottages on the road to Mysore at a distance of 3 km from the park.

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