Balpakram National Park in Meghalaya



The Balpakram National Park in the state of Meghalaya in India was established in an area of 339 sq. km. The park is famous for the rare varieties of fauna and flora.



The nearest town from this National park is Williamnagar. The park is about 15 km away from Williamnagar.

The railway station at Guwahati is about 160 km. The Guwahati Airport is about 170 Km from this national park.



The region of Balpakram National Park falls in the the tropical zone. The nearby forests and Balpakram Plateau is also included in the National Park. There is heavy rainfall and the natural vegetation is dense and varied.

Animals and birds


Animals found in the Balpakram National park include elephant, leopard, leopard cat, hillock, golden cat, loris, wolf, serow, wild buffalo, sloth bear, etc. A good variety of reptiles are also seen. The park is a good zone for birds such as horbillls, pheasants, etc.

Best Season

The best period for visiting this National Park is between October and April.



Williamnagar is the nearby town and visitors can find accommodation here.

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