Ashok Chavan Byte During Jan Sangharsh Yatra Phase 4 – Western Vidarbha


Fuel Price Rise

This government decides the prices of petrol and diesel based on elections. Once the results are announced, they might raise prices again out of anger – because the BJP’s defeat in all five states is certain. This government must stop taking decisions based on elections.


On Sanjay Raut’s Statement On Criminals in Parliament

Better late than never. Unfortunately, despite being fully aware of all these issues, the Shiv Sena supports the BJP government. In fact, Nitin Gadkari has said that the BJP is a party that makes Valmikis out of Valyas. Therefore, the entry of criminals into the BJP is going to keep continuing.

On Ramdas Athavale Disturbance


I do not support the recent slapping (of Ramdas Athavale). I do not know which party this karyakarta belonged to. However, we must understand that people are getting angrier by the day. Earlier, there was an attempt to tear Ramdas Athavale’s clothes. The question must be asked – is this a result of public anger against the Modi government’s policies?

On Dhangar Leader Mahadev Jankar’s Statement

Jankar seems to have forgotten that he became a minister because of the Dhangar reservation issue. This is why he is pursuing selfish interests instead of looking after the welfare of the Dhangar community. Jankar’s statement proves that the Dhangar reservation issue has been sidelined under this BJP government.


On Electricity Bills in Gujarati

Is there an attempt to make Gujarati the official language of Maharashtra?

On Housing Minister Prakash Mehta

This (Sachin Pawar’s actions) is not possible without government support. If there is corruption, if a crime has been committed, the minister cannot only blame the PA.


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