139 words on Valmiki Nagar Tiger Reserve


The national park near Valmiki Nagar is known as Valmiki Tiger Reserve. This park is spread over an area of 335.64 sq. km in Western Champaran District of Bihar, India. The nearest town from the park is Betia at a distance of 80 km. The nearest airport is at Patna at a distance of 295 km. The nearest railway station is Valmiki Nagar, 5 km from the Park.

This park falls in the tropical zone and has a monsoon climate. The park consists of moist sal bearing forests, dry sal bearing forest, moist deciduous forests without sal, tropical seasonal swamp forests and wet grasslands.


The fauna found in the park are tiger, wolf, leopard, sloth bear, python etc. The birds found are peafowl, parrot, myna, kingfisher, oriole etc.

The best period for visiting the park is from December to April. Rest houses are available in the park.

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